The Process of Software Building

07 Nov

Software building is the concept of making software in the form of projects, where in the project involves several phases. A build can be said as the result of transforming source code files from source code language into an executable program, or simply the same as that. The first phase involves the generation of the software artifact, while the second phase involves testing the artifact and fixing any defects that are found. The third phase involves the distribution of the software artifacts to the users. However, we do not end here, as there are also more phases involved in the production of software. Find out more about software here:

Software engineering covers the whole aspect of developing software systems, where in software engineering focuses on designing and implementing these systems. The software engineering process also includes testing and maintaining the software system.

There are four stages in the software engineering process. These are planning, design, implementation and maintenance. We will discuss these stages briefly, as they help us understand the overall process of software building.

The planning phase is responsible for defining the architecture of the software system, and also the architecture of the system. As a part of this phase, the project manager or the architect defines the architecture of the project. At this stage the team starts to brainstorm and work on the architecture ideas. This phase also involves identifying all the problems that may occur, and the possible solutions. See more here about IT. 

In the design phase of the project, the software developers start to analyze the idea that was defined at the planning phase. At this stage the problem solving strategy comes into play. The software developers need to identify the problems in the architecture, and then they will come up with a solution for them. The next phase is known as testing, which involves the test cases that will be used to prove if the solution is effective. At this stage the software engineers can also check if the proposed solution is correct. At this point, it is also recommended to create a beta version of the software system, so that the users can try out the new software before releasing it to the general public. After the software is ready, it is available for the public.

The last phase of the software building process is known as maintenance phase. At this phase, the main focus of the maintenance phase is to make sure that the software system is properly maintained, and works well. The main tasks at this phase include bug fixing, and maintaining the user interfaces, fixing bugs in the system, and ensuring that the system is free from all the errors that were discovered at the testing stage. Discover more about software here:

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